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Our most valuable assets, our employees and state of the art infrastructure is what makes viahub global specialty telecom services company

Connection data

In order to use the viahub SMPP you need to have SMPP account opened.

To establish succesfull bind necessary data are:

Name Data
Server IP
Port 9000
Username(system_id) To be provided
Password To be provided
Service Type CMT
Bind connection limit Maximum 4 sessions
Bind Mode Tranceiver or Trasmitter/Receiver
Maximum throughput (SMS/sec.) 25

Please note: when sending a message via a SMPP TX you need to configure aditionall RX to receive DLR receipt.

SMPP specific data

viahub provides foreign ID in format of [Integer.Integer].

If you need we can ensure usage of secure IPsec tunnel for establishing connection.

Message states

Following message status can be received in DLR:

Name Data
Scheduled 0x0
En-route 0x1
Delivered 0x2
Expired 0x3
Deleted 0x4
Undeliverable 0x5
Accepted 0x6
Unknown 0x7
Rejected 0x8
Skipped 0x9

Error codes (common)

Following error codes can be received in DLR:

# Code Command Code Description
0 0x0 ESME_ROK Ok - Message Accepted
1 0x1 ESME_RINVMSGLEN Invalid Message Length
2 0x2 ESME_RINVCMDLEN Invalid Command Length
3 0x3 ESME_RINVCMDID Invalid Command ID
4 0x4 ESME_RINVBNDSTS Invalid bind status
5 0x5 ESME_RALYBND Bind attempted when already bound
6 0x6 ESME_RINVPRTFLG Invalid priority flag
7 0x7 ESME_RINVREGDLVFLG Invalid registered-delivery flag
8 0x8 ESME_RSYSERR SMSC system error
10 0xa ESME_RINVSRCADR Invalid source address
11 0xb ESME_RINVDSTADR Invalid destination address
12 0xc ESME_RINVMSGID Invalid message-id
13 0xd ESME_RBINDFAIL Generic bind failure
14 0xe ESME_RINVPASWD Invalid password
15 0xf ESME_RINVSYSID Invalid System-ID
17 0x11 ESME_RCANCELFAIL Cancel failure
19 0x13 ESME_RREPLACEFAIL Replace failure
20 0x14 ESME_RMSGQFUL Too many messages in queue, at present
22 0x16 ESME_RINVSERTYP Invalid services type
51 0x33 ESME_RINVNUMDESTS Invalid number of destination addresses
52 0x34 ESME_RINVDLNAME Invalid name
64 0x40 ESME_RINVDESTFLAG Invalid Destination Flag Option
66 0x42 ESME_RINVSUBREP Invalid value for submit with replace
67 0x43 ESME_RINVESMCLASS Invalid value for esm_class field
68 0x44 ESME_RCNTSUBDL Cannot submit to a distribution list
69 0x45 ESME_RSUBMITFAIL Generic submission failure
72 0x48 ESME_RINVSRCTON Invalid type of number for source
73 0x49 ESME_RINVSRCNPI Invalid NPI for source
74 0x4a ESME_RINVDSTTON Invalid type of number for destination
75 0x4b ESME_RINVDSTNPI Invalid NPI for destination
77 0x4d ESME_RINVSYSTYP Invalid esm type
78 0x4e ESME_RINVREPFLAG Invalid submit with replace flag option
85 0x55 ESME_RINVNUMMSGS Invalid number_of_messages parameter
88 0x58 ESME_RTHROTTLED SMSC is throttling inbound messages
98 0x62 ESME_RINVEXPIRY Invalid Validity Date
103 0x67 ESME_RQUERYFAIL Query failure
194 0xc2 ESME_RINVPARLEN Invalid optional parameter length
195 0xc3 ESME_RMISSINGOPTPARAM Missing optional parameter
196 0xc4 ESME_RINVOPTPARAMVAL Invalid optional parameter value
254 0xfe ESME_RDELIVERYFAILURE Generic delivery failure
255 0xff ESME_RUNKNOWNERR Unknown Error