At viahub throughout our business cooperations with our partners MNOs and using in-house developed solutions we enable our clients ranging from operators and enterprises to aggregators to deliver their messages worldwide

SMS Revenue Assurance

Our SMS filtering technologe + Our A2P expertise = Revenue Assurance

Protect and Grow your A2P SMS

viahub successfully combines state-of-the-art-Sms filtering technology with SMS business management services to guarantee to the MNO:

  • the generation of additional revenue stream from unbilled and recoverable A2P SMS traffic. Large volumes of SMS traffic, 40% of told traffic in these cases are terminated to MNO's network without paying the MNO termination fees and in many cases without the MNO awareness

There are many sources that contributes to the overall amount of revenue leakage called grey routes.

Grey routes traffic reaches your network in forms:

  • SMS hubs and aggregators traffic coming over international links. (non – AA19)
  • unmonitored on-net traffic
  • SIM farms

In addition, viahub services effectively blocks spam and Fraudulent SMS traffic which translate into customer satisfaction.

viahub's Managed Service Guarantees Yearly Growth

A2P SMS traffic growth is the driving force behind the SMS revenue increase for years. 97% of all SMS are opened and 90% are read within 3 minutes which make it an ideal way to communicate with people compare to an e-mail or phone call. About 70% Mobile Networks allow, for a reason or another, A2P SMS traffic termination on their network for free.

viahub's A2P SMS Revenue Assurance solution opens up a significant revenue opportunity for Mobile Network through it's:

  • cutting edge messaging technology and Managed Service
  • which allows Mobile Networks Charge for these A2P SMS and generate additional revenue

viahub service enables Mobile Networks, generate new revenue source without further investment, risk-free. Our commercial model is Revenue Share or fixed fee per SMS at zero Capex and Opex for the Mobile Network.

SMS Firewall

viahub's SMS Firewall Solution = Monitoring + detecting + blocking and reporting on SMS Fraud and Spam

Global growth of A2P SMS traffic comes with new challenges to Mobile Networks. Mobile Networks operators revealed that $1.6 billion USD was lost in 2013 to SMS faking and spoofing and $2.2 billion USD was lost due to Denial of Service (DOS) and spamming Also predicted that if SMS spam is left undressed an MNO with l0 million subs can easily incur annual costs up to $6 million USD just in call center costs and asymmetrical inter-operator SMS termination charges, according to the Communications fraud control. (Heavy Reading)

viahub's SMS Fireweall Solution Features

Subscribers are the most valuable asset to any Mobile Network operator ans their satisfaction is Key to success. Unfortunately, the MNO's network and hence the subscribes are continuosly targeted by fraudsters and spammers who send malicious or illegitimate SMS traffic over grey (open interconnect) and unprotected routes. In addition to the revenue leakage problem, the operator's subscribers suffers from fraudulent and spam SMS which cause subscriber churn.

viahub's solution is designed in a way that guarantees and provides a remedy to these scenarios by shielding Mobile Networks local and international links and subscribers from fraudelent and spam SMS traffic.

Our Solution monitors and analyses incoming SMS traffic. As a result it presents a clear insight into the nature of traffic and how to transform grey routes traffic into legitimate traffic and that can be billed.

viahub's Managed SMS Firewall Service

viahub provides the Mobile Network operator with the SMS Firewall and messaging platforms in addition it also provides a fully managed service tailored to ensure that the platforms are operated, configured and updated with up to the minute security rules.

By incorporating viahub's Solution, the Mobile Network operator can rest assured having full visibility and control of what is being terminated into it's network.

MNO will experience immediate results in:


Block fraud, grey routes and all unwanted traffic from entering your network


Full visibility and insight on all what is happening in your network

Traffic Profiling

Production of data in comprehensive way allowing network performance maximization


Generate and maximize your deserved revenue from SMS arriving to your subscribers handsets